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About Mashiko traditional glaze - ③ Celadon glaze -

Celadon glaze, one of Mashiko's traditional glazes, is made by adding copper oxide to rice bran glaze (white), giving it a beautiful blue color.

Its refreshing blue color will brighten up your dining table.

Celadon-colored vessels have the image of being used for porcelain or Chinese ceramics, but celadon glaze, the traditional glaze for Mashiko ware, is slightly different from those celadon glazes and has a unique deep blue color.
When Doso Towada Kiln exhibited at "MAISON & OBJET" held in France in 2019, the celadon glaze was written as "mashiko celadon".
*celadon = celadon

The brand color of "Doso Towada Kiln" is also celadon glaze.
Celadon glaze is a glaze color that has a special meaning for Doso Towada Kiln.
I would be happy if you could pick up a celadon glazed vessel.