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- Brand Concept -

About the brand concept

“A form is born when there is a purpose, and beauty is realized only when there is a form.”

The brand concept of Doso Towada Kiln is the words of Mr. Yoshimichi Goda who expressed the meaning of creating "Folk Crafts Village Mashiko".

"Tools" that are indispensable for people's daily lives

We think of good tools as tools that we unconsciously use and that we grow attached to as we spend a long time with them.

By valuing the relationship between people and tools, tools become part of the body, as if they were part of a limb.

Doso Towada Kiln manufactures pottery, which can be said to be a product of nature, with a ``responsibility to receive from nature'' and aims to deliver the charm of pottery to as many people as possible.

We put "use" first and pursue "good tools" that people naturally use and love.

About the Doso Towada Kiln brand logo

The circle, which is the symbol of the brand logo, has the meanings of ``circle'' and ``circle'', and is a promise to everyone involved with Doso Towada Kiln, as well as the responsibility and determination to manufacture products that work with nature. represents.

By connecting people and forming a "circle" through the Doso Towada Kiln brand, more people can take action for coexistence with themselves and others.

I believe that in such a world, there will be a truly prosperous and happy society.

The other "ring" represents the earth.

It represents the act of facing the soil, bearing in mind the responsibility of manufacturing things based on the earth's limited resources.