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The value increases with continued use.

As pottery is made from natural materials, its appearance changes with repeated use.

One of the great appeals of ceramics is that with continued use, each item's attachment, aesthetic value, and use value increase.

A vessel given to someone important to you, a vessel of memories.

There is a story between people and tools.

We believe that pottery, which is born from natural elements and human creativity, is a tool that is imbued with human emotions and attachments more than other tools.

The value lies in the time spent using tools, and the time spent by tools and people cannot be obtained even by purchasing new products.

One of the characteristics of pottery is that it can break.

Today, we continue to face the earth, aiming to deliver a fun and rich time woven through the tools of pottery.

Option to "repair" pottery.

If a tool breaks, buy a new one and use it.
Consumer behavior is commonplace in modern life, and companies often want to replace their products.

At Doso Towada Kiln, we would like you to cherish the relationship with your beloved tools, so we also offer the option of ``repairing'' them.

We use Kintsugi, a method passed down in Japan since ancient times, to piece together broken pottery and return it to the customer.

In addition, we will responsibly repair Doso Towada Kiln pottery as part of our ``lifetime guarantee'' even if a long time has passed since purchase.

We believe that breaking is one of the charms of pottery, which is imbued with emotion, and we hope that you will enjoy your time with these tools to the fullest and cherish them.

With this mindset in mind, we create products in pursuit of quality products.

Kintsugi of Doso Towada kiln

Restoration process Kintsugi delivery times and repair costs vary depending on the damaged item and the state of damage.

Please feel free to contact us for a free estimate.

1. Please contact us via the "Doso Towada Kiln LINE Official Account" or "Inquiry Form". (We recommend LINE as we will be exchanging images.)

[Contents to be provided when making inquiries]
・Method of kintsugi: Genuine lacquer kintsugi/putty kintsugi ・Images of damage (top, side, close-up of damaged areas, fragments, etc.)

2. Doso Towada Kiln will consult with a restorer and send you a quote. (about 1 week)

3.If you wish to have it repaired, please send the damaged items and fragments to Doso Towada Kiln.

4. We will repair the item and deliver it to the specified delivery address.

*If you have any questions, please contact us.

(For pottery and porcelain made by other than Doso Towada Kiln, the pottery store `` Touko '' also accepts repairs.)

Please check before making your request.


  • Depending on the damage, repair may not be possible. We will check the condition in advance and let you know if it is possible to repair it.
  • If the pieces are severely damaged, we may not be able to accept a second repair.

Quote and price

  • Repair costs vary depending on the damage, material costs, labor time, etc. We will provide you with a detailed quote after inspecting the pottery.
  • We do not accept cancellations after the repair is in progress. If canceled, a cancellation fee (100%) may apply.


  • The turnaround time for repairs also varies depending on the state of damage and the difficulty of the work. If you are in a hurry, please let us know in advance.

Quality after repair

  • Kintsugi  Restoration is a unique Japanese restoration technique that repairs damaged parts with gold.  Even after repair , damaged areas may be noticeable, but this is considered to be a unique beauty of kintsugi.

handling warning

  • We recommend that you handle your restored pottery with care, especially for the first time. If you give it a strong impact, it may be damaged again.

Warranty period

  • Repairs are covered by a limited warranty, but this does not apply to new damage.

Regarding delivery

  • The customer is responsible for the shipping costs when shipping damaged pottery to Doso Towada Kiln. When shipping from Doso Towada Kiln, shipping charges are set for each delivery area.
    Please check our shipping policy for details.
    (The shipping fee will be set at the online shop's shipping rate.Based on the online shop's shipping regulations, we may have to pay for the shipping fee.)
  • You can also bring it to the store (pottery) and pick it up.


  • When requesting restoration , please clean the porcelain. If dirt remains,  It may affect the repair .
  • There is a high possibility that the microwave oven cannot be used after repair.

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