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About pottery

Charm of pottery

As you continue to use pottery, its aesthetic value and use value will increase.

In order for people to use pottery with love, we believe that in addition to the durability and practicality of the tools, they also need to have the artistry and beauty of the tools themselves.

Just like leather products that become softer and smoother the more you use them, or the aging of jeans that expand and contract to suit your body shape and change their expression, the charm of ceramics lies in the way it changes its expression over time.

Pottery is born from natural products such as ``earth,'' ``water,'' and ``fire,'' as well as human creativity.

With the advancement of technology, the production of pottery is becoming more and more industrialized, and Doso Towada Kiln believes that the craftsmanship created by human handwork has many charms that cannot be explained by efficiency alone.

When craftsmen work by hand, they instantly judge many situations based on how they feel when they hold the clay, and make subtle adjustments to complete the pottery.

The manufacturing site where pottery is made is full of natural elements that cannot be measured by numbers alone, such as the quality of clay, moisture content, weather, temperature, and humidity.

face nature

The oldest pottery fragments in the world are Paleolithic pottery fragments from about 20,000 years ago.

Pottery can be said to be humanity's oldest technology, which uses fire to scientifically change the state of matter.

Most of the materials used in pottery are natural products, so no matter how carefully humans take the time to make pottery, the final product must be left to the kiln.

Aware of human limitations, we approach the soil by valuing the relationship of ``entrusting it to nature'' and ``receiving from nature.''

We believe that a healthy relationship between people and things will make the world more beautiful, and that this will also include environmental issues.

Because we use natural materials, we strive to manufacture products responsibly.