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About Doso Towada Kiln products

Thoughts on manufacturing

Things are created for a reason based on the local climate, culture, natural environment, human creativity, etc., and there is more hidden meaning behind things than we think.
There are many hidden secrets in the Mashiko ware handled by Doso Towada Kiln.
It is because of Mashiko's climate, culture, environment, and the thoughts and ideas of our ancestors that Doso Towada Kiln was born in Mashiko, and we manufacture products.
The products that are created from such a complex interrelationship of various things are each unique, and the experiences gained through that product give rise to new things.
At Doso Towada Kiln, we approach earth with sincerity, so that we can provide you with a unique experience from the pottery of Doso Towada Kiln.

At Doso Towada Kiln, we aim to create products that will become part of a dining table full of smiles, with each piece telling its own story.

Basics of manufacturing

1. Something that has a purpose
2.Things with beauty
3.Things with indigenous characteristics
4.Easy to use
5.Things that can be used for a long time
6. All designs have meaning
7.Things filled with passion and technology
8. Something that makes you feel attached