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- Brand Concept -

"Beauty comes from having a shape and having a shape."

“A form is born when there is a purpose, and beauty is achieved only when there is a form.”

"Tools" that are indispensable for people's daily lives

We think of good tools as tools that we unconsciously use and that we grow attached to as we spend a long time with them.

We put "purpose" first and pursue "good tools" that people naturally use and love.

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All shape

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Mashiko traditional glaze

bran glaze

milky warm white View rice bran glazed vessels
Mashiko traditional glaze

black glaze

Deep black like pottery See black glazed vessels
Mashiko traditional glaze

candy glaze

Tea where you can enjoy the flow of the glaze See candy glazed vessels
Mashiko traditional glaze

celadon glaze

Warm blue typical of Mashiko ware View celadon glazed vessels
Mashiko traditional glaze

Plain white glaze

Transparent Mashiko basic glaze See the plain white glazed vessels
Mashiko traditional glaze

Persimmon glaze

THE Mashiko View persimmon glazed vessels

All colors

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A representative pottery of Doso Towada kiln

"2tone" series

The "2tone" series represents Doso Towada Kiln, which fully expresses the charm of glaze, which can be said to be the most distinctive feature of Mashiko ware. Watch the series
simple and modern utensils

"mashiko" series

Doso Towada Kiln's basic series ``mashiko'' aims to make Mashiko ware that is easy to use in modern life. Watch the series
Easy-to-use utensils to decorate your dining table

"sansai" series

Paint with glaze. The ``sansai'' series has a polka dot pattern that matches the plump look of Mashiko ware. Watch the series
A utensil that allows you to freely arrange food as if drawing on a canvas.

"canvas" series

The ``canvas'' series is a series based on the concept of serving as a complement to the food and allowing you to enjoy the presentation. Watch the series
The Mashiko.

"akako" series

``akaco'' focuses on Ashinuma stone, which is indispensable when talking about the history of Mashiko ware, and has developed it in a shape that is easy to use on modern dining tables while preserving the expression of Mashiko ware from ancient times. See akako series
Utensils with recycled glaze

Kawa whale

``Kawakujira'' is an unfamiliar word, but it is the name of a technique that increases the strength of the vessel by applying glaze to the rim of the vessel. Watch Kawajira series
The first pottery produced at Doso Towada Kiln

"Azuki/Shizuku" Series

The drops are expressed with persimmon glaze and celadon glaze, and the azuki beans are expressed with black glaze and persimmon glaze. See Azuki/Shizuku series

All series

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About gift wrapping

Every item you purchase will be gift-wrapped starting from 1 piece. You can also use Noshi. If you would like it, please select the wrapping link on the purchase page and add it to your cart.

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Kintsugi of Doso Towada kiln

At Doso Towada Kiln, we would like you to cherish the relationship with your beloved tools, so we also offer the option of ``repairing'' them.

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