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About Doso Towada Kiln

About Doso Towada Kiln

Doso Towada Kiln is written as ``Sayado Wadama.''

Dosodo is a place name in Mashiko Town. This area, which has long been the source of clay for pottery, produces the clay that is the raw material for Mashiko ware and is home to many Mashiko ware kilns, making it the center of Mashiko ware production.

Doso Towada Kiln is a brand that aims to produce pottery, which can be said to be a product of nature, with a sense of ``responsibility in receiving from nature,'' and to deliver the charm of pottery to as many people as possible.

Through the tools of pottery, we provide true abundance and help people and the earth coexist.

Aiming for such a future, we continue to face the soil today.

History of Doso Towada Kiln

History of Doso Towada Kiln

The predecessor of Doso Towada Kiln is the Goda Pottery Research Institute, which was founded in 1981 in Dosodo, Mashiko Town, under the leadership of Yoshimichi Goda.

Around the middle of the Showa era, Goda taught a pottery in Mashiko, instilling in many aspiring potters the knowledge of pottery and the idea of ​​folk crafts, and is an indispensable figure in the story of Mashiko's history.

As an artist, Goda not only created pottery, but also created paintings, calligraphy, and other works.

The works created were powerful, had something to appeal to the viewer, and were unique as expressions of the time.


Yoshimichi Goda and Yasuo Wada

Goda moved to South Korea with Yasuo Wada when he was 64 years old.

Wada was manufacturing Mashiko ware at a pottery in Mashiko, and they met when Goda was looking for an assistant to go to Korea, and from then on, they worked together.

He worked with Korean potters in the Gimhae area of ​​South Korea, contributing to the promotion of the ceramic industry.

After working in Korea for six years, he returned to Mashiko and established the Goda Ceramic Research Institute in the land of Doso.

Transformation from Goda Pottery Research Institute to Doso Towada Kiln

In 2000, Yoshimichi Goda passed away and the Goda Pottery Research Institute was disbanded.

At the site of the Goda Ceramic Research Institute, Yasuo Wada, who worked under Goda and is the person who understands him best, continues to produce Mashiko ware.

Wada created a large number of pottery works under Goda's direction, and he aimed to be a craftsman throughout his life rather than a pottery artist himself.

This attitude as a craftsman has been inherited by the current craftsmen, who continue to make pottery at the former site of the Goda Pottery Research Institute.

Today, Mashiko ware is produced in a wide variety of expressions, and Mashiko ware has become widely known as a pottery artist, but originally Mashiko was a place where craftsmen produced tools for daily use. It is an artisan production area that developed as a pottery production area.

People who know Yoshimichi Goda sometimes ask, ``Why does he work at Doso Towada Kiln instead of Godagama?''

This is because the name of our kiln reflects the idea that we are "craftsmen".

We operate as "Doso Towada Kiln" with the desire to be part of a group of "craftsmen", which is becoming rare in modern times, in our hearts.