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About Mashiko traditional glaze - ② Black glaze -

Glaze, also called ``glaze,'' is produced by dissolving raw materials such as ash in water.
By applying glaze to the pottery and firing it, the surface becomes glassy, ​​increasing its water resistance and strength, and giving it a beautiful luster.
Also, depending on the quantity and manufacturing method, the appearance of the vessel will vary.

Black glaze, one of the traditional glazes for Mashiko ware, contains a lot of iron and turns black when fired.
The black glaze of the Mashiko series produced by Doso Towada Kiln is fired in a state with a high amount of oxygen in the furnace called oxidation firing.
By firing with oxidation, the surface has a rough appearance called yuzu skin.

Doso Towada Kiln manufactures products using traditional Mashiko manufacturing methods.
We hope that by learning more about the materials, manufacturing process, and Mashiko ware, you will enjoy Mashiko ware even more.