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- Brand Concept -

“A form is born when there is a purpose, and beauty is realized only when there is a form.”

What is Doso Towada Kiln?

Doso Towada Kiln is written as ``Sayado Wadama.''
Dosodo is a place name in Mashiko Town.
This area, which has long been the source of clay for pottery, produces the clay that is the raw material for Mashiko ware and is home to many Mashiko ware kilns, making it the center of Mashiko ware production.

Doso Towada Kiln produces pottery that can be said to be a product of nature.
Manufactured with "responsibility from nature" ,
This brand aims to deliver the charm of pottery to many people.
We create our products with the hope that Doso Towada kiln pottery will become part of a dining table full of smiles, and that each pottery will tell its own story.

-The basics of Doso Towada kiln manufacturing-

1. Something that has a purpose
2.Things with beauty
3.Things with indigenous characteristics
4.Easy to use
5.Things that can be used for a long time
6. All designs have meaning
7.Things filled with passion and technology
8. Something that makes you feel attached

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Follow & Like! campaign

Follow and like Doso Towada Kiln's Instagram during the pottery market! We are holding a campaign where you can win Wada Kiln products by lottery.

table set

mug set

For more information, please see Doso Towada Kiln Instagram .
We look forward to your participation.

Recruiting Doso Towada Kiln members!

・E-mail newsletter delivery We will deliver information on Doso Towada Kiln's arrival, event information, reading material, etc.

・Member-only coupons We will distribute members-only coupons (shipping, gift discounts, etc.).

・Shopping becomes smoother There is no need to enter customer information when using the online shop.
You can also easily check your purchase history and shipping information.

・Membership service scheduled to start this fall
We plan to provide a member-only service in the fall of 2022.

In conjunction with Touko, which has a store in Mashiko, we plan services that are only available to members, special experience services, events, and a mileage system.

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